All your clients' campaigns in one place

Manage all your clients's ads from one simple dashboard

Create your own advertising network and manage all your clients’ campaigns through your own customizable dashboard.

Manage multiple customers

Deliver their ads through our white label advertising network

Set up your own ad network, create self-serve campaigns for all of your clients, and deliver their ads to millions of users.

Your Coinzilla account manager will help you to quickly set up and personalize your dashboard, and you will have access to all our traffic inventory and advertising tools.

Set up individual accounts for your clients where they can create their own ads.
Don’t waste your time on deposits and invoices. They are fully automated.

Create Your
Personalize your dashboard and align its design with your brand.
Reach Our
Don’t worry about traffic. Let your advertisers bid on our network’s users.

Self Served
Let your advertisers easily create and customize their campaigns.
Generate additional leads through our traffic optimization tools.

Provide custom solutions for your clients

Help their business reach the right audience

Our API allows you to gain more control over how your data is monitored and processed, so you will be able to efficiently extract campaign statistics and generate reports for your clients.

You can set up a profit margin between 0% and 40%, and withdraw your funds from your Coinzilla account anytime you want.

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Create campaigns
Manage campaigns

Extract statistics
Manage multiple users

Withdraw your profit
Manage budgets

Optimize your campaigns
Target audiences