About Coinzilla

Who We Are?

Coinzilla is part of the Sevio Advertising Technology company. The project was founded in November 2016 as an initiative to promote the continuously-expanding crypto niche.

Coinzilla for Advertisers

Our platform helps advertisers promote their finance & cryptocurrency project by displaying a variety of ads directly on the websites of our publishers.

One of our main goals regarding advertising is to provide high-quality leads. That is why we carefully select all the publishers that join our network.

Coinzilla for Publishers

Through our platform, the owners of a website can generate an additional revenue stream by displaying the ads of our advertisers on their website.

Our ads are designed to provide a non-intrusive user experience, and they are analyzed in detail to make sure they are relevant to your audience.


Since 2016, we signed hundreds of partnerships with well-known publishers from the finance & cryptocurrency network, and we aim to continue our journey towards working together with all the major websites in the industry.

Our company is continuously evolving, and we constantly work to develop new features and sub-projects that will help our customers grow their business.The main focus at Coinzilla is to aid our partners in achieving the results and revenue they desire with the help of our tools.

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12,000+ Served Campaigns
Since the project’s release in 2016, we delivered over 12,000 campaigns for more than 10,000 advertisers.
31 Team Members
Our team is formed of 31 talented members, and we are constantly looking to expand.

Over 20,000 publishers monetized their websites
Since the emergence of Coinzilla, we helped over 20,000 publishers monetize their websites.
1906 Days of Coinzilla
Our project has been up and running ever since the 9th of November 2016, and it is in a state of continuous development.

Meet our team

We’re not here to stay. We’re here to lead! We are constantly growing, and if you are ready to join our team email us with your cv at hr@sevio.com
Tiberiu S. Tiberiu S.
CEO & Co-founder
Alexandru C. Alexandru C.
CTO & Co-founder
Stefan L. Stefan L.
Project Manager
Raluca A. Raluca A.
Head of Sales
Maria D. Maria D.
Sales Account Manager
Alina B. Alina B.
Sales Account Manager
 Alice C. Alice C.
Sales Account Manager
Alex G. Alex G.
Sales Account Manager
Loredana B. Lori G.
Sales Account Manager
Cosmin L. Cosmin L.
Head of Publisher Development
Olga S. Olga S.
Publisher Development Manager
Catalina P. Catalina P.
Publisher Development Manager
Aurora M. Aurora M.
R&D Director
Bogdan C. Bogdan C.
Head of Marketing
Vlad M. Vlad M.
Antoneta C. Antoneta C.
Maria N. Maria N.
Vlad F. Vlad F.
Marketing Specialist
Ramona C. Ramona C.
Public Relations
Daniel C. Daniel C.
Head of Creative & Design
Timotei B. Timotei B.
Graphic Designer
Andrei A. Andrei A.
Digital Designer
Alexandru A. Alexandru A.
Digital Designer
 Vlad S. Vlad S.
Digital Designer
Laura A. Laura A.
Ui / Ux Designer
Ioan B. Ioan B.
Ui / Ux Designer
Adrian L. Adrian L.
Backend Developer
Teodora U. Teodora U.
HR Specialist
Madalina A. Madalina A.
Chief Accountant
Roxana S. Roxana S.
Silviu C. Silviu C.
Legal Consultant