Classic Banner Description

Our classic banners provide an easy way to catch the eye of your audience. They are highly visible on the user’s screen and enhanced by HTML5 banners they can bring great results to your campaign.

Available Sizes:
300x250 | 728x90 | 160x600 | 320x100 | 300x600 | 320x50


  • Highly visible on viewport;
  • HTML5 banners accepted;
  • CPM payment model;
  • Average CTR of 0.15%.

Native Ads Description

The native ads are perfect for blogs. Their format copies the design of the website, and publishers can customize the ad format using its public API.


  • Great placement within the website’s content;
  • Customizable using the public API;
  • CPM (cost per mile) payment model;

Sticky Banner Description

Always placed on the bottom of the screen, the sticky banner is highly visible and will only appear when visitors scroll the page.


  • Easy to close if disliked;
  • HTML5 banners accepted;
  • CPM payment model;
  • CTR between 0.20% and 0.30%.

Pop-under Description

The pop-under format opens a window behind the content of the user’s active window, containing the advertiser’s landing page. This ad format is mostly used by Single Opt-In offers.

Pop-under Highlights

  • Quick display and high visibility;
  • Works best for single opt-in offers;
  • CPM payment model;
  • Optimized for all major browsers.

Banners We Made For Our Customers

Our designers are ready to craft your custom HTML5 banners