Refund Policy

The advertiser may pause or stop his/her campaign(s) at any time. The campaign(s) can be resumed at a later time. If no changes have been brought to the campaign(s), then they will be resumed instantly. If there were changes brought to the campaign(s), they would have to go through the review process.

All campaigns are moderated within 24 hours from the moment of the registration during working days, but it may take up to 48 hours (about 2 days) during weekends or legal holidays.

Any campaign that does not comply with our Terms of Service will be rejected and you will be entitled to a refund.

For a campaign to be accepted and displayed on our network, both the creatives and the landing page must comply with our Terms of Service.

You will not be entitled to a refund if, after a campaign is accepted, the advertised page is changed without noticing our team about the changes, and/or it does not comply with our Terms of Service.

The advertiser must be sure that the promoted material or product is not illegal in the targeted countries and that it respects all the rules and laws in that country.

The advertiser is solely responsible for stopping/pausing his campaign(s) unless he requested assistance from an account manager. Otherwise, the campaign will remain active until all the funds of the account are spent. If an account ran out of funds, all the campaigns will remain active and will start again once funds are available, unless they have been stopped/paused.

A user can request a refund only for the remaining unspent balance available in his account. Refund requests will be denied if:

  • The user has not tested all the suggestions provided by his account manager, such as other campaign types, banner formats, or campaign optimization suggestions.
  • The user’s campaign was active and registered an ad for less than 48 hours.
  • The user is unsatisfied with the quality of an article purchased through Coinzilla Marketplace and written by the Coinzilla team but has not offered clear requirements for his order and/or feedback on the delivered article.

Orders placed through Coinzilla Marketplace and rejected by the publisher will receive a full refund, unless the client chooses to distribute them through a different publisher based on his request or his account manager’s suggestion.

If an advertiser asks Coinzilla to write articles for his marketplace orders or design banners for his display campaigns, but later decides to cancel the marketplace order or not running the display campaigns, Coinzilla will deduct EUR 50 per article and EUR 500 per banner set from the advertiser's account. The remaining balance will then be refunded to the client.

When a refund request is initiated, all the campaigns will be paused, and the balance will be removed from the account until the refund is processed.

When the refund is initiated by our finance team, the available EUR funds will be converted into the requested currency (BTC/ETH) at their current market value and sent to the user. The user must send his refund address to the account manager from the same email address used for his Coinzilla account.

If a user deposited funds via bank transfer, he can request a refund via both cryptocurrency and bank transfer. If a user deposited funds via cryptocurrency, he can only request a refund via cryptocurrency. If the deposit was made via both cryptocurrency and bank transfer, the refund can be requested only via cryptocurrency.

All funded accounts that have been inactive for longer than 6 months will lose the right to withdraw money from the platform. Accounts that become active after 6 months will still have their right to use the remaining funds for advertising purposes on our network, but without being able to withdraw them. If an account stays inactive for one year, it will be permanently deleted, with no way of retrieving it or the deposited balance.

(!) Sevio Fzc. reserves the right to change its refund policy at any time without notice. You are bound to respect any change in our refund policy within 2 days after the update, and you are required to read this page periodically.

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