Website Acceptance Policy

All users should be aware that Coinzilla will accept only websites that are deemed suitable for hosting its advertising formats.

Being a finance & crypto advertising network, Coinzilla is only accepting cryptocurrency-related websites/projects to join its display network.

All websites that are accepted in the Coinzilla display network need to respect the following rules/demands:

  1. The website should not violate the laws, regulations, ordinances, or other such requirements of any applicable Federal, State or Local Government;
  2. The website should not ask the users for clicks or direct them to any fraudulent activity that would bring the owner more earnings from our network;
  3. The website traffic should not be incentivized with rewards for the user's presence or any other activity done by them on the site;
  4. The website should not be involved in any illicit activity that may harm the user's well-being or inflict any financial loss by promoting shady, insecure, spam, or fake projects;
  5. The website should not urge the visitors to hatred, racism, violence, or any activity that may result in moral or physical damages.
  6. You are not allowed to trade your website to a new owner. If you do so, your website will be removed from our network of publishers.
  7. You are not allowed to display a banner on a website different than the one it was approved for. For example, if a banner was approved for, you are only allowed to display it on

Coinzilla may and will modify this list based on its internal and international rules.

We reserve the right to reject a website for a reason that is not (yet) added to this list.

Types of websites that will not be accepted on our network:

  1. URL Shorteners;
  2. Faucet websites;
  3. Websites with pornographic content;
  4. Websites created with the intention of sending bots/fake traffic to our network;
  5. Websites with no original content;
  6. Websites generated on platforms like Wordpress or Blogspot etc.;
  7. Pay to click websites;
  8. Automatic/manual traffic exchanges;
  9. Any website that has incentivized traffic;
  10. Any website that, after it was reviewed by our team, wasn’t deemed suitable for our Publisher program;
  11. Websites that represent a coin, ICOs, or projects that raised funds from the community.

Coinzilla reserves the right to deny any website from joining our display network, without providing any reason for its actions.

(!) Sevio Fzc. reserves the right to change its website acceptance policy at any time without notice. You are bound to respect any change in our website acceptance policy within 2 days after the update, and you are required to read this page periodically.

Sevio FZC

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